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Elevating Arts Education for Kansas City Kids

Photos of AFIA provided by JE Dunn

AFIA found a new home in an unexpected location – the former King Louie East bowling alley. Vacant for 10 years, the building had substantially deteriorated, and AFIA was sure they would have to demolish it. However, our team was able to develop a plan to renovate the existing building, greatly reducing costs. We worked closely with teachers, administrators and the school’s board of directors to create a space that integrates the arts and technology into curriculum and everyday activities. Their new building is part of the Troost redevelopment, located at 79th & Troost Avenue.

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#KCCornerstone Finalist: Academy for Integrated Arts

KCCornerstone Finalist: Academy for Integrated Arts

The Academy For Integrated Arts (AFIA), a public charter school located in Kansas City, Missouri’s East side, was running out of space in their original location and received more than $3 million in pledges to purchase a new building, the King Louie East Bowling Alley at 7910 Troost Avenue.

The 40,000 square foot building had been re-purposed many times since being built in 1955 and had been sitting vacant, deteriorating, for 10 years. The Helix Architecture + Design team developed a creative plan to renovate the existing building and reduce the cost of construction, all while still opening in time for the 2016-2017 school year.

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Academy for Integrated Arts to begin 2016-17 school year with new pledges, new building.

Academy for Integrated Arts (AFIA), a Kansas City charter school, recently purchased a building in Kansas City, Missouri, after receiving more than $3 million in pledges over the past 6 months.

AFIA closed its real estate transaction for the property on March 21, and will move into the space at the start of the 2016-17 school year.

The facility, located at 7910 Troost Avenue, is the original home of King Louie East Bowling Alley, built in 1955. The building was chosen for its sound structure and shape, as well as its locational appeal in the south area of Kansas City. In addition, the large lot on the west side of the building has ample space for parking, playgrounds and community gardens. Working with the team at Kansas City-based Helix Architecture & Design, AFIA has plans to use the space for a modern configuration of common areas and classrooms, including new areas dedicated to music and fine arts.

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AFIA New Building in the News!

KC Charter School Purchases Former Bowling Alley
Old King Louie East Site To Serve As New Home
Flatland Digital News


Charter school finds former King Louie building right up its alley
Kansas City Business Journal




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Academy For Integrated Arts
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Using the Arts to Prepare Students for an Admissions-based College Preparatory Secondary School


Executive Director’s Message

Welcome to AFIA. At AFIA, students engage in authentic learning activities to help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Arts are integrated throughout the curriculum to engage students in meaningful learning.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more and visit the school. SEE MORE »

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Academy for Integrated Arts is to use the arts to prepare students for an admissions-based college preparatory secondary school.The arts will serve as a catalyst for learning, achievement, curiosity and self-esteem. Students will be able to create and actively express a deeper meaning of subject matter content through using visual arts as well as music, dance and dramatization.

Learning through the arts enlivens instruction, increases student involvement and strengthens both memory and meaning. Students will demonstrate depth of knowledge in their ability to design, connect, apply concepts, analyze, create and critique.