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Academy For Integrated Arts Kansas City Charter School

Using the Arts to Prepare Students for an Admissions-based College Preparatory Secondary School


The mission of the Academy for Integrated Arts is to use the arts to prepare students for an admissions-based college preparatory secondary school.The arts will serve as a catalyst for learning, achievement, curiosity and self-esteem.

Students will be able to create and actively express a deeper meaning of subject matter content through using visual arts as well as music, dance and dramatization.

Learning through the arts enlivens instruction, increases student involvement and strengthens both memory and meaning. Students will demonstrate depth of knowledge in their ability to design, connect, apply concepts, analyze, create and critique.

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Academy For Integrated Arts Kansas City Charter School

Using the Arts to Prepare Students for an Admissions-based College Preparatory Secondary School


Through arts integration, students will construct greater meaning of the world around them. Music, visual art, and performances will be used a resource for teaching in all core subject areas. By using art as the resource,
students will begin to notice their world more deeply and make connections between subject areas and content.

Students will spend time discussing art, making art, and applying what they learn across the curriculum. By fostering the use of imagination through the arts early in a child’s education, we can encourage the innovators of the future.


With the Common Core State Standards as our guide, science and social studies concepts will be fully integrated into the context of language arts instruction.
Thematic units with a science or social studies focus will allow students to build on their knowledge across content areas. A hands-on approach will be used to give students authentic learning experiences.


All components of literacy, including reading, language and writing, will be taught based on a balanced approach to literacy. Students will learn and practice writing skills by creating original works and engaging in the writing process.


Students at AFIA will be exposed to a wide variety of arts activities through purposeful integration of art in all academic areas, through guest presentations from practicing artists and with educational excursions to arts activities throughout the Kansas City metro area.

AFIA is actively developing working relationships with several different organizations to provide world class arts experiences for our students.

Mathematics instruction will be taught using hands-on methods that engage students in ways that bridge “school math” and the real world application of mathematical concepts.

The unique approach to teaching and learning at AFIA necessitates a unique system for measuring and reporting student progress. Students at AFIA will be held to rigorous standards and extremely high expectations for their learning, but a student’s progress will be measured based on their mastery of critical skills, rather than the traditional system of
grades on an A, B, C, D, F scale.

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Academy For Integrated Arts Kansas City Charter School

Using the Arts to Prepare Students for an Admissions-based College Preparatory Secondary School

1. Do students pay tuition?
No, Academy for Integrated Arts is a charter public school. Since the school is a public school, there is no tuition for students.

2. What is the mission of the school?
The mission of Academy for Integrated Arts is to use the Arts to prepare students for an admissions based college preparatory secondary school.

3. How do I enroll?
The first step in the enrollment process is completing an application. Enrollment dates are scheduled for students who have been accepted.

4. What are the requirements for enrollment in Academy for Integrated Arts?
Students must live within the Kansas City, Missouri School District.

5. Is transportation available?
Yes, school buses pick up students who live further than a mile from school. School buses stop at scheduled stops.

6. What is the dress code?
Students must dress according to a dress code which is: Navy blue or khaki pants, skirts or shorts. Any solid color polo shirt. No cargo pants/ shorts. No shoes with heels or toes out. Academy for Integrated Arts believes this policy helps create a positive educational environment.

7. What is the curriculum?
Academy for Integrated Arts offers a rigorous curriculum that is artistically approached. We will use the arts to enhance each facet of learning.

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