Transportation General Information

Students who live one mile or more from Academy for Integrated Arts will be provided with bus service.

All transportation services for Academy for Integrated Arts are provided by First Student Bus Company. Parents can contact the terminal operations manager at First Student directly at (816) 254-5262- regarding problems with pick-up or drop -off times, late service, missed stops, etc.

Requests for transportation or for changes in routes or route stops, and problem and complaints, should be directed to Phoebe Bassue at (816) 444-1720.

Transportation Request Form

Transportation – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get my student assigned to a bus route?      

A. You will need to complete a “Transportation Request” form. The form can be obtained  at the AFIA office.  It generally takes 3-5 business days to get a student assigned to a  route.

Q. How do I get a new route assignment if I move?

A. To get a new route assignment, you will need to complete a “Transportation Request”  form. Since you have moved, you will also need to submit a “Change of Address” form  and provide documentation that verifies your new address and  confirms that it is in the Kansas City, Missouri school district. A new route will not be assigned until all the  required paperwork is submitted to the front office.

Q. I have located a more convenient stop on my child’s route. Can I switch to that  location?

A. You will need to contact the First Student Transportation if you want to change to a different stop on your current route. Please do not take your student to the new stop  without first obtaining approval.

Q. How do I make temporary transportation arrangements if I am out of town or have an emergency?

A. You will need to contact the front office who will advise you of your options in an emergency or unusual situations.

Q. I need to report an incident that occurred on the bus. Who do I contact?     

A. Please contact the principal, Karren Colbert (816.444.1720) to report incidents that occur on the bus.

Q. My bus stop is too far – how can I get it changed?      

A. Academy for Integrated Arts works directly with the bus company to route stops that  are as convenient as possible for all students. No student should be assigned a route  that is more than six walking blocks from his/her transportation address. You may contact First Student to see if there are other stops nearer to your transportation address, but, as a rule, your stop will not be changed because it is too far.

Q. Why do some students get picked up and dropped off right in front of their house?     

A. Some students may receive a curbside stop due to a medical or physical challenge. If you believe your student is eligible, please contact the front office. All requests for this
special accommodation must be reviewed by the District 504 Committee who will make  the final determination regarding eligibility.

Q. Why is my bus stop in front of someone else’s house?      

A. In our efforts to group students together and avoid more than one stop on a block, students can be assigned to be picked up and dropped off at a curbside stop that is  designated for a special needs student.

Q. My child has a condition that will prevent him/her from walking a long distance to a  designated bus stop. How can I arrange to have him/her picked up at home?      

A. If your child has a medical condition that requires that he/she receive a curbside stop, a “Special Transportation Request form” must be submitted. This form can be
obtained  in the Front office. Once it is returned, the request will be submitted to the bus company and the stop added to a route. This process usually takes 5 working days.